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Never (N) In (I) Finals (F)

Girl or guy at a swim meet with straightened hair, a ton of makeup, and cute clothes. They are obviously NOT there to swim. They just came to "cheer" and look "hot" while the other swimmers work their asses off in finals.
Look at all the nifs on that team.

Dude, that girl is a total nif. She wont even get close to the water.
by thevirginmarysarah July 23, 2010
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when something is really cool, awesome, or interesting
oh my god that is so nif
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
A local gang in the north eastern part of Pennsylvania. N.I.F stands for Niggaz In Forks. The gang colors are orange and black. They have their own way of communicating to other N.I.F members. They refer to each other as niffas. They greet each other with "whas niffin". It is becoming widespread throughout the region. It is being controlled by the following Locs: Dorrito Loc, Poison Loc, Klutch Loc, and Guppy Loc (DPKG). At the time there is no serious rival gang.
Nif 1: Whas niffin mah niffa?
Nif 2: Notin niffa jus feelin niffalifalous.
Nif 1: How was ur day?
Nif 2: Nifarific.
by DPKG June 29, 2005
short for the word nifty
omg, those shoes are so nif!
by Kennedi Greene September 27, 2007
An incredibly horrendous looking and completely idiotic human being
Bobby is such a nif.

Why would Ally want to go out with that nif?

That's a group of nifs if I've ever seen one.
by SkySouthstreet November 20, 2013
finger rape.
Nifed is nif in pass tense
Jill got nifed. Or im going to nif you.
by KILLSTRUCTO February 05, 2008
(n) Term used to describe one who has a sexual affection for Norse goddesses and/or grey pajamas.
"Nif wants to get it on with Freya."
by Anonymous July 30, 2003

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