A Canadian alternative band that has it's fair share of fans and haters, just like any band or musician. A band that has done well and worked hard for themselves and deserve a little respect for making a living for themselves.

Some of their songs include 'Rockstar', 'If Today Was YOur Last Day', and 'Savin Me'.
What's that band who sang on the radio?

I think it was Nickelback
by hatingIgnorance March 10, 2013
A band that people love to bash and insult and say shit about on urbandictionary.com.

This may be due to the fact that many people on urbandictionary.com 1. have nothing better to do with their lives, or/and 2. dont have a soul.
NH: Nickelback are soooo shit, they can fuck themselves and they are talentless idiots, I'm gonna go on urbandictionary and tell the whole world about it!! Not that they need reminding!! HAHAHAHA!!!

NL: Honestly, if you couldn't give a shit for the band, why do you give a shit for writing hateful things about them?
by Stuntgirl<3 April 24, 2013
n. a derogatory slang term for Jews. Refers to the stereotypical frugality and "money-grubbing" Jews are said to exhibit. Can refer to both religious and ethnic Jews.
Alice: So are you going to that Nickelback concert next week?
Bob: Hey, that's not cool. They may be a shitty band but you're not going to get anywhere by throwing ethnic slurs around.
by mvrazz November 09, 2011
A sex act in which a roll of nickels is used as a strap-on. After the act is completed, the receiver then urinates (or defecates) the nickels out onto the back of their partner.
"My girlfriend told me to stop listening to Crazytown and come into the bedroom because she was in the mood for me to give her a nickelback immediately."
by SidewaysPanties October 03, 2006
A band with great talent. A band many people hate because they think justin bieber and one direction is real music, they are wrong. Real music is right here, Nickelback helps people through hard times and a good relaxing music feel. They can differ from quiet, soft , and calm music to help people through grief or fast and crazy music when people are out partying. People are just mad they can't make or listen to real music
by Gloamist July 02, 2013
Nickelback is THE BEST BAND EVER ON THE PLANET! so all of you people out there that say it is awful. GET A LIFE. nickelback is talented. <3
nickelback songs: how you remind me, gotta be somebody, burn it to the ground.
by hehehe1122 March 03, 2012
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