The best band of the 80's.
Oh, Nickelback! Turn it up.
by Ansahe Onysllo August 17, 2010
Sam's favorite band.
Nickelback is Sam's favorite band.

Sam's favorite band is Nickelback.
by the_big_fucker January 18, 2010
Nickelback are a hard rock band(they are NOT Nu-Metal, Nu-metal is Linkin Park!) from Hanna, Alberta(although most of the band now live in Vancouver). They formed in 1996, the original line up being Chad Kroeger(lead vocals and guitar), Mike Kroeger (bass), Ryan Peake (guitars and backing vocals), and Brandon Kroeger(drums). This lineup recorded the Curb, but soon after Brandon left as he wanted to spend more time with his family. After numerous session drummers, Nickelback found Ryan Vikedal, who Ryan Peake had known of from high school. This line up recorded the State, which got them noticed by RoadRunner records. The single Leader Of Men was released in the USA. During 2001, the band recorded their break through album, Silver Side Up. This album contained the biggest song of 2002, How You Remind Me. It also contained, Too Bad, Never Again, and Where Do I Hide, all of which enjoyed success in the charts. After 2 year of touring, the band went back int othe studio to record The Long Road. Whislt this album contained some good tracks, the majority of the songs were lacking the memorableness that had made Silver Side Up such a huge album. Some say that How You Remind Me and Someday are the same song. As a musician, I can say they definately are not. Someday has had its key changed, and has also been shortened(I know because I spoke to the person who did it!). The band's latest album is entitled All The Right Reasons, and is a return to form. The riffs are heavy and memorable, and the lighter songs see the introduction of piano and strings. The album also contains a tribute to Dimebag Darrell, entitled Side Of A Bullet, with a sampled solo that Dime's brother, Vinnie Paul, sent Nickelback for the track(Dimebag and Vinnie were friends with Nickelback).

I hope this description is fair, as Nickelback have been given an unfair bashing by some people. If you don't like them, fair enough, but don't slag them off.
Nickelback got their name when Mike, their bassist, was working at Starbucks. A coffee was $1.95, so when people gave him two dollars, he got used to saying, "here's your nickel back". This is how they got their name.
by Nickthebassist June 21, 2006
the best motherfucking band regardless of what ignorant people have to say. they play alternative rock. lead singer chad kroeger has an amazing voice and is very talented when creating his songs for the band. recent album dark horse sold millions and Dark Horse Tour has been set in motion AGAIN because fans begged them to tour again. they have millions of fans all around the world. and if you listen to their lastest albums you'll see diversity in their music. their heartfelt songs are amazing and after listeming closely to some of the songs and their lyrics im sure you'll relate to some of the more mellow songs. Nickelback is fucking awesome! but of course you are entitled to your own opinion
If everyone cared- Nickelback
If today was your last day- Nickelback
Savin Me- Nickelback
Just to get high- Nickelback
Never gonna be alone- Nickelback
by IDGAF<3 Nickelback August 17, 2010
A misunderstood, but popular rock band from Canada. They are hated on by so-called "rockers" who claim that they have gotten softer as their career has progressed, and because the rest of them don't have long hair like Chad does. Maybe, but they still have hard rock songs on their albums as well as those power ballads that have influenced such bands as Saving Abel. Just because Chad Kroeger has chosen not to scream all the time and be blunt in his songwriting instead of metaphorical like your rockers do is no reason to hate on them. They are not talentless fucks as you would like to believe. It's not their fault they are so popular. It's the fault of the fans. If it wasn't for us fans, dedicated and casual, they would be obscure.
Everyone seems to hate on Nickelback because Chad chose to start being a blunt lyricist from "Silver Side Up" onward instead of metaphorical like he was on "Curb" and "The State". They don't just talk about sex, drugs, and rock n roll like Buckcherry and the like do. Nickelback have had topical songs. Have Buckcherry et. al. done that? Maybe, but not very often. You say that the women who like Nickelback only like their ballads. WRONG! I like their rockers as well, and I'm a woman, and their biggest fan.
by Karen Stickney November 11, 2008
PEOPLE!!! These negative definitions about Nickelback have got to stop! sure you may not like Metal,sure some of you don't like the country of Canada, but that does NOT give ANY RIGHTS TO CALL THEM BAD!!!

They are multi-platnium and have done well on the Billboard charts. They inspire the group Theory Of A Deadman in music and voice (the lead singer tries to sound like Chad, listen!), an they educate other great bands you've heard of today like Three Days Grace.

Chad Kroeger - Lead guitar, lyrics
Ryan Peake - Guitar, lyrics
Mike Kroeger - Bass, Lyrics
Daniel Adair - Drums

Yes, Chad uses a nasal performance, bad that does not qualify them bad instantly.
Another good reason to stop is JUST BECAUSE other bands like Creed or Everclear helped them on their way to stardom does not give you the same right.

Nickelback is an awsome band, great music with great feeling. And don't thnk of me as a whiny bastard, you people are WRONG.
These bad defs have got to stop
What the fuck's wrong with you people today...

Nickelback is awsome
by InternetBrowser April 09, 2007
A band that writes catchy songs. One cannot help liking their hits and singing along to the lyrics. They are comercial, but their music is down-to-earth and not wannabe-tough shit like other bands (3 days grace, staind, kid rock...). They are pop rock, post-grunge, hard rock, however you want to call them.
I like music that sounds good, I do not discriminate genres; Nickelback's radio hits sound good to me, therefore, I like them.
by laura kkkk August 12, 2007

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