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An extremely studly man who excels at all aspects of life. Some classify him as "The Best," but he prefers to me more modest. The average Nick receives fellatio often and wins sporting events. If you are a Nick you are very lucky, for few Nicks exist now a day, they are becoming extinct.
Sam - "Dude did you see that Nick over there?"

Jeffery - "Yeah what a stud."

Sam - "I know! He gets fellatio much more than I do because I suck at life compared to that Nick over there. I wish I was as cool as that Nick."
#nick #sam #nic #nik #stud #fellatio
by thatguytheboss March 30, 2011
A slang term used to describe someone who is of the Arabic race and is homosexual. Some synonyms of "maloof" are "gay" and "fag." If you are called a maloof please call local authorities because it is a form of racism and needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand.
White Guy - "Get out of my country you f*cking maloof. We don't like your kind around here."

Maloof - "Hey now, do not make me telephone the local authorities, I will take my cellular phone out of my pocket and dial 911."

White Guy - "You maloofs really are gay."
#sam #maloof #gay #fag #homosexual
by thatguytheboss March 30, 2011
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