An amazing person who loves pussy, large boobs, and tons of sex. Ussually has a large cock, and can fuck more than one woman at a time. A great boyfriend for any girl, is sweat, affectionate, cool, loving, and most of all the greatest boyfriend a girl could ever have.
Girl 1: "Hey, whose that hot sexy boy?"
Girl 2: "Oh, thats my boyfriend Nick, you jellous?"
Girl 1: "HELLZ YA!!!"
Girl 2: " Thats what I thought..."
by Funk314 May 22, 2011
a small cut, not usually on purpose
aw shit i nicked myself shaving
by Karanandos Meneski May 17, 2005
A boy That I tell everything, he is my best friend. I love him so much. I can't go a day without him. He always tells me about this girl and every time it breaks my heart. Little does he know I'm in love with him. I don't know what to do.
nick; I like her

me: I don't
by You should know how I am. October 19, 2011
A guy who is just happy with himself. He has friends, sure, but prefers his own company sometimes. Very sensitive, can have his feelings hurt from a single sentence. Is very intelligent, usually top of his class or close to it. Likes video games, and movies. Is a bit of a loner when it comes to romance. His friends like him, but that's just who he is. Nick, in short, is a shy, gentle, sensitive guy who will open up if you gain his trust and get to know him.
Guy 1: hey did you see that guy Nick?
Guy 2: yeah he looked kinda lonely.
Guy 1: that's just him, he likes his own company.
by GtG June 30, 2013
The most amazing guy that makes me smile even when everything goes wrong. The only one that I can see spending the rest of my life with and the one that makes life worth living. Hes the most amazing seraphic person in this world. Hes the kind of person that calls you early in the morning to ask you how to do laundry only to say that he already knew how and needed an excuse to talk to you <3 His voice is the only one I can recognize so clearly, his eyes are the deep shade of brown that when he looks at me I still melt. I love him with all my heart. Love isnt even a strong enough word to describe what I feel for him. Hes the sexiest funniest smartest most caring human being in this world ... And hes all mine C:
"Aww he sent you flowers!? Thats so Nick!"
by KittyluvsRawr October 27, 2011
A cheesy fried potato head.
Omg, I just want to eat a Nick.
by BosnianHoneyBun November 01, 2014
the sweetest, cutest, most caring guy you will ever meet. makes an amazing boyfriend and can make you laugh anytime. you'll never regret meeting him! hes someone you can never get tired of. has eyes of an angel and has a way with words. you'll fall for his personality, sense of humor and way with words, his looks are just a bonus! you'll never find another like him<3 you'll fall imediately!
girl 1; he looks like a sweet guy! plus he's cute;) who is that?
girl 2; oh thats Nick!
by hgjhtrhgt August 06, 2012

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