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A town south of Lexington with nothing to do besides drugs, sex and wandering around aimlessly (with a bunch of friends on drugs). Filled with sluts, posers, assholes, white trash, crackheads and stuck up shitheads. Occasionally, one will find a group of people (mostly stoners and those who smoke Camel cigarettes)) who stay true to themselves and are open to most everything, while still retaining values and morality. Overall, not a good or bad place to be, but after a while, life seems stuck in place. Also, very odd at times, particularly at night. Residents are fond of Fight Club, Sublime, Camel cigarettes, alcohol, and Cannabis.
Jack: what she would do, man?

Ted: Its Nicholasville, dude. No car, no money, nowhere to go. Now, pass that blunt and let's walk to ghetto.
by StonedRoXy March 13, 2011
A town with about 6 schools with nothing to do. Home of rednecks and inbred people who breathe through their mouths and can't drive worth shit.
"Does that guy look weird to you?"
"Yeah, he must be from Nicholasville based on his mouth being open all the time and he cant fucking drive
by Zerther March 20, 2009
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