cute dork
awh arent you a nicholas :O LOL
by humanjelloLOL April 10, 2011
Physical Description: A guy with black hair. Fairly tall. Fairly athletic. Slightly chubby.

Good in academics. Smart. Likes puzzles, especially math ones.

Can be socially awkward. But not in a way that will embarrass himself but instead seem more "cute" to girls, at least in my experience. He sometimes doesn't hear you when you're talking to him, even it's an important topic. I'm not sure if it's selective hearing, but it's something. Can be annoying, but annoying in a way others might find adorable.
Me: Hey Nicholas, how are you doing?

Nicholas: "_______"

Me: Yeeaaahhh, Okay, where did you go for vacation?

Nicholas: "_______"

Me: Did you finish your part of the project for Ms. Smith's class?

Nicholas: "_________"

Me: Okay, who ate all the Oreos.

Nicholas: "_____Huh what? Somebody ate all the Oreos?"

Me: +(
by Towe-tall E. Bosch July 29, 2013
A somewhat awkward nerdy kid enjoys the company of friends and ladies (especially ladies) poor Nicholas can never work up his courage to ask someone out great hugger quite forgetful at times but always remembers at the last minute whatever the hell he forgot WARNING never pair with anybody named Jacob as this may cause many problems
jacob hey nick lets go ride bikes
nicholas ok!
*5 minutes later a large building in the distance topples over*
by Flagellan May 05, 2013
Simply the best. just breathtakingly beautiful and sexy. has fucked over 100 women, and made them all climax 3 times in one minute. He goes to a certain school beginning with R in England, and all his school know him as "the pussy pleasurer". not to be confused with the "dick sucker" definition of the name Mick.
hey are you called nicholas?(woman)

have you just had the fuck of your life?(nicholas)

oh yeah! i've never had such an orgasm! You must be a nicholas!

That i am, that i am.(nicholas)
by ballsmcgeepersian January 14, 2012
Is the most wonderful guy you will ever met. He is kind, sweet, and caring. He is adorable and if you meet one, don't let him go. He is a keeper. He is tall and usually works out. He would want you to do crazy stuff with him.
My boyfriend Nicholas it the most amazing person ever!
by PerterPanBro09 January 03, 2014
The most handsome man in the entire world and is perfect in every way shape and form. He is amazing at piano, gets all the ladies and makes their hearts melt with every word from his soft perfect lips that are the best things to kiss.
(woman 1) Have you slept with Nicholas yet?
(woman 2) Yeah, he made me melt, he's just so amazing!
by One of Nicholas's women September 16, 2013
The most nonchalant, laid back guy you can think of. A mix of smarts, looks, and athleticism make him perfect. He can be a bit of an asshole, but his charming and Caron ways make up for it. He doesn't always get his dream girl, but that ok by him. When he's on the field, he rules. He is athletic and strong. Every boy want to be a nick.
Girl: Woah! Looks at Nicholas score the goal!

Girl 2: I want to be with him so bad!

Boy: What about me?

Girl: Are you nicholas? No! Get away!

Nicholas: ( in mind) hell yeah bitches. Now to the king.
by FactualGuy November 21, 2014

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