A boy's name. If you're friends with a Nicholas, never let him go. His love and companionship is something rare. Nicholas means victory of the people, but honestly, it's different from who they really are. Nicholas's are typically different from everybody else. They are handsome, and their laughs can rock your world. They can never fail to make you smile. To be honest, Nicholas is a very smart person, who tends to be lazy. His constant pranks and jokes can make for a good time, and can make him the subject of the majority's scorn or dislike. Nicholas's, or Nicks have a strong sense of pride and aren't afraid to fight for what he wants or loves, but he does know when to stop. Nicholas's are very smart, but lazy, which can frustrate his friends. But more than anything, he is loved, and he is loving. Nicholases can sometimes be shy.
Nicholas found her crying and swore that he would never let someone hurt his friend.

He had longish brown hair, eyes so dark you'd swear they were black, and a permanent, mischievous smirk.

Nicholas simply said "I tried. She's pretty, smart, and funny, but she said no. And I'm okay with that. So shut up." She was listening, and had to hold back tears as he said this. She knew shed made the wrong decision.
by SisterhoodoftheNerds October 22, 2013
A Nicholas (Nicky/Nick) is someone perfect. Someone who's charming and sweet and caring. A Niicholas is super duper cute. He has the brightest smile, but never uses it. He's such a star. A Nicholas has the best vibe where it's hard to not find him completely irresistible. If you have a Nicholas, never be stupid enough to let him go!
Friend: OMG who the heck was that hottie?
Me: Oh thats just Nicholas. He's so amazing. He's the one that I've been telling you about.
Nicholas (off in distance): I don't understand why so many girls like me.
by Random Weirdo April 27, 2013
A guy who all the girls fall all over. The perfect pakage sweet, smart, hilarious, athletic, cute, hot, etc. Except goes to one girl to the next breaking thier hearts not be able to keep a on going relationship. Doesnt realize how many hearts he hurts day by day.
Boy 1: Wow look at nicholas hes got all the girls
Boy 2: They just all swarm around him, literally where he goes they migrate to
Boy 1: Hmm lets go get some tips from him
by SpiceXOXO November 07, 2011
a 5 foot 7 blonde haired bomb shell funny caring loyal sexy as hell, gr8 to get on with gets on with ya mates cleans ya room and put people in the recovery position talks like a five year old sometime's spits on ya thigh while reading her description on urban dictionary and can be found wondering round my bedroom in a house coat and nothing else. . . . sometime's not even a house coat!
that guy is so lucky i hope one day he crashes and dies and i can rob his nichola!
by T-rex waffle February 04, 2010
breaker of hearts, charming, handsome and funny, always knows what to say, but lies to girls, because hes scared of commitment. he lies to girls he loves, and hangs with girls he doesnt.
isnt he dating Kendra?
No, hes such a nicholas, he lied and cheated on her with Cassandra.
by Bravebird-flying July 02, 2011
The hottest, sexiest man you will ever meet who usually has a very large penis, makes a really good boyfriend and is always confident about himself. A Nicholas can kick almost anyone's ass and is quite a gentleman. Always get with a Nicholas, you will always be pleased.

He is also most incredible person in the world that will make your heart beat fast, your knees go weak, and a smile spread across your face every time he talks to you. The greatest person to talk to at 3:30 a.m about anything and everything.. Or simply nothing at all. The one you can trust to make you happy and the one you wish you could make the happiest guy in the world. The one you want to hold you every night and the one you want to kiss you awake every morning. The one that drives you crazy and the one that keeps you sane. The one that makes you fall deeper in love every day and the one that just loves you back. The one that you see in your dreams and the one that wants to make your dreams come true. The one that is perfect in your eyes and the one that you wish could see in the mirror just what you see in him. The one that lets you ramble on and on about absolutely nothing and the one that wouldn't have it any other way. The one you love with all of your heart and the one that means everything to you.
The one that you could go on about for days and still not do him justice.
Example 1
Person 1 : "Man that guy guy was so good last night, he had such a big dick."
Person 2 : "Must have been a Nicholas"

Example 2
The one that is indescribable.
"The One".

Example 3
Girl: wowzers he's amazing..
Boy: Whatever..
Girl: You're just jealous.
Boy: Am not.
Girl: Its okay... You have every reason to be jealous.... That's Nick.
by AguywholovesUrbanDictionary September 13, 2013
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