Means "Victorious" or "Victory of the People", and is of Greek origin.
Saint Nicholas

Tzar Nicholas II
by HistoryDude101 October 13, 2010
Is usually a brunette sex god if you havent got a Nichola yet, go get one,she is fun, bubbly and usually hyper. She enjoys books of the name Twilight and likes to watch the Mighty Boosh and listens to alsorts eg. Mcfly(gods) that might be it.
Nichola-brunette sex god on legs.
by sammidong October 27, 2008
the only man to ever make chuck Norris cry,
he has been a ninja since birth.
he is the most amazing individual you will ever not have the pleasure to meet he once fried doughnuts and steamed vegetables in the same the SAME TIME!!! he went back in time and spawned some of the greatest men alive! will Ferrel Jason Segal Adam Sandler and bob hope. there will never be another and this one shall never perish. He is. Pimpshit.
....Oh shit.. its..Nicholas.
....Ahhh shit bro did you see that?! he went straight up Nicholas on his ass!!
by beccathespiffy November 20, 2011
the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. He is super amazing and he is myyyyy supermann. he saved my life from the boringness. i love him soo much a he is sooooo trustworthy and sooo respectful and sooo cuddly and sweet and sexy and everything good youu could ever image in one person.
My boyfriends name is nicholas, i like to refer to him as Superman.
by babygirll(: December 05, 2010
The cutest dork ever, weirdo, and the best dancers (;
your a nicholas C:
by nutellaandcookies April 10, 2011
the hottest, dreamiest guy in the world, who you'll fall in love with once you look into his amazing sparkling eyes, but... on the other hand can sometimes be an asshole that laughs and makes fun of certain people, but doesn't have alot of friends, so a loner, a super hot loner.
courtney: wow I love Nicholas but he'll never want me.

amanda: why would you ever want him he's an asshole who make's fun of us!

courtney: ya but when ever i get mad at him i stare him in the eyes and i lose my train of thought.

nicholas: hey bitches what you doing out here shouldn't you be in the kitchen.

amanda: fuck you

courtney: ya(stares in his eyes) never mind sorry.
by girl your amazing February 07, 2011
a 5 foot 7 blonde haired bomb shell funny caring loyal sexy as hell, gr8 to get on with gets on with ya mates cleans ya room and put people in the recovery position talks like a five year old sometime's spits on ya thigh while reading her description on urban dictionary and can be found wondering round my bedroom in a house coat and nothing else. . . . sometime's not even a house coat!
that guy is so lucky i hope one day he crashes and dies and i can rob his nichola!
by T-rex waffle February 04, 2010

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