The most ruggedly handsome man in the world. He is from Ireland but has a cool English / Irish accent. Can make girls melt with a few words from his perfect lips. He is a master at the piano and is so warm and gentle. He enjoys wine in the evening and chocolate cake. Amazingly fit and best of all he is mine.
lady: Who is that fine guy over there?

her friend: Oh, that is Nicholas, he is mine.
by californianative July 25, 2009
1. A moving object to inflict pain on someone/thing.
2. Another meaning of the word crunk.
3. A form of rap most commonly used by Birdman and Notorious B.I,G.
4. Nick To steal or perminantly borrow an object of desire.
"Grab that nicholas and kill him"

"Lets go down to the shop and nick"
Anoying guy who like to make songs out of peoples names.Thinks his kids are ugly.Is obsessed with his love.
Nicholas: This 1 is questionable?
by Banana But May 25, 2009

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