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Terribad money-grubbing lazy game hosting company.

If you are able to get through to them via Support Ticket, they refuse to help in any possible way.

Nexon also has a list of pre-written messages that they copy-paste when replying to a person's ticket due to their inability to use keys other than Ctrl, C, and V.
1. PERSON: Hello, I would like to report (player) for harassment. (Insert Details & Proof)

NEXON: We are sorry for the inconvenience, being a fellow gamer I understand how hard this must be for you. However, we cannot do anything about the player at this time, as you did not provide us with proof or details. If you feel there is still a problem, make a new ticket. /CloseTicket

2. PERSON: My account was locked for inactivity and I no longer have access to my email, so i cannot reactivate my account. Could I get my registered email changed so I can reactivate?

NEXON: /AutoClose

3. PERSON: You guys are unbelievably retarded.

NEXON: We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we cannot fix your problem at this time. Please resubmit your ticket if you feel there is still an issue. /CloseTicket
by isobord February 15, 2013
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An evil company that is responsible for the highly addictive game MapleStory. Which is responsible for 20% of the hobos in this country.
Darn, I don't have any money to buy Nexon cash with, I'll go steal my mothers credit card!
by Intervention August 05, 2007
589 90
A greedy company who likes to brainwash kids to steal money from their mommies purses to buy NX, for purchasing pixelized items, which expire.
Nexon sucks.
by NexonSucks March 10, 2009
563 85
Slang for the word 'fail'.
I didn't study for my test, so I Nexon'd.

Person A: Why didn't you show up for the party yesterday?
Person B: I accidentally locked my keys in my car.
Person A: Dude..you totally Nexon.
by Nexon Fails June 10, 2008
308 82
A illicit drug that is mixed with dried dog meat, dried kimchi, ground tobacco and white chalk powder. Imported illegally from South Korea, it is popular with lifeless gamers, koreanophiles and hippies who are worn from usual dose of marijuana.

20 g dried dog meat
10 g dried kimchi, grounded or whole
5 g dried tobacco
1 g white chalk powder
any white paper for wrapping (2 cm * 6 cm works the best)

1. Grind the pieces of dog meat, kimchi and dried tobacco together in a mixer for 30 seconds.

2. Carefully sprinkle the chalk powders evenly around the mix.

3. Wrap the paper around the mix in a cigarette-style roll.

4. Enjoy!

Gamer: Whoa, I got high after having a dose of Nexon when I finished playing Maplestory.

by HateMainstreamMusic July 10, 2008
340 130
Nexon is a communistic corporation and current holders of the online franchise Maple Story. Nexon is notorious for being "greedy" and "money-hungry," where the purchasing of NX Cash is deemed a "scam." However, the purchasing of said NX Cash is actually the first step in their plan to rule the world, being a so-called "treaty" between the company and player. Nexon has also released Kart Rider and Audition, both with the same NX Cash system. See Maple Story, Audition, and Kart Rider for their respective ideals.
Edith cursed Nexon for charging his mother's PayPal account with $4,352.00 in the past month.
by BassChan October 18, 2007
256 67
Creator of Maplestory and a variety of other MMORPGs. They are known for profiting off a kid's addiction to their game and taking advantage of the situation by offering their NX cash.

Nexon has awful customer service. In fact, if you log a ticket (Nexon's way of getting in touch with them) to give feedback about the game they will automatically close it.

Nexon is also known for its incompetence. They continuously extend server check and patch updates. Furthermore, bugs and glitches are always present throughout the game, mainly including random disconnecting.

The company's incompetence does not end there. Hackers can easily penetrate their defences. Hackers rampage Maplestory by duping items, inflating prices, and demeening efforts of legit players.
Nexon is not worthy of Maplestory.
by Calvinist March 19, 2008
198 52
A fail company that started Mabinogi, Maple Story, and Combat Arms, and a few others in a work in progress. They've forced down to delete countless private servers and pissed off many players. In Maple Story, they've forced people to buy items from their Cash Shop, thus making Fox make a news broadcast about the online game. Though it was ineffective, that's another story.
Nexon is, so far, the only gaming company that has pissed me off. And I'm easy to impress.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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