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Nexon is a communistic corporation and current holders of the online franchise Maple Story. Nexon is notorious for being "greedy" and "money-hungry," where the purchasing of NX Cash is deemed a "scam." However, the purchasing of said NX Cash is actually the first step in their plan to rule the world, being a so-called "treaty" between the company and player. Nexon has also released Kart Rider and Audition, both with the same NX Cash system. See Maple Story, Audition, and Kart Rider for their respective ideals.
Edith cursed Nexon for charging his mother's PayPal account with $4,352.00 in the past month.
by BassChan October 18, 2007
NX Cash is the online currency used in various Nexon games in exchange for extras. NX Cash is not refundable, and has no value except in the online games after purchase. In the exchange, $1 is worth 1000 NX Cash points.
Anthony quit his Maple Story account, and wished to refund his remaining 48,000 NX Cash points that he did not spend. However, the points had no value in the real world.
by BassChan October 18, 2007
The result of obtaining a horrible hairstyle in the online game Maple Story, via the Amoria quest or with an EXP Hair Salon card. With the former, it is not possible to avoid being hairpooned.
Jimmy, with his fine Disheveled hairstyle, went to Amoria, hoping to get a less generic, defined style. To his dismay, he was hairpooned.
by BassChan October 18, 2007
The Hermit, a third job advancement in Maple Story, is a quick and nimble fighter often associated with high damage and "kill-stealing." Hermits are also called "sins," a shortened form of their inferior selves, the Assassin. The class is infamous in Maple Story, and often considered to be "the most fun class," though such a claim is up to speculation. The most famous skill of a Hermit is to manipulate a shadow who emulates all strikes that the Hermit performs.
"i has lvl 82 hermit i ks u!" Greg threatened, all of his anger burning through his keyboard.
"pfft im lvl 145 u noob," the opposing player retorted.
by BassChan November 03, 2007
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