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Quite possibly the worst company known to mankind, just slightly better than the tobacco industry. Notorious for doing nothing against hackers that ruin their games, and for twiddling their thumbs while crippling lag makes their games unplayable. Whenever players ask for such major problems to be fixed, they are promptly ignored and are instead offered a half-assed appeasement, usually in the form of useless gear.
A soldier is bleeding to death from a gun shot

Soldier: "Help! Medic! I need a medic over here!"

Nexon replies "A gun shot? Well how about some ice cream with rainbow sprinkles?"

Soldier responds "Um did'nt you here me? I'm dying here!"

Nexon responds "Oh oh ok, right right. Here how about a some balloon animals? And they can be yours for only $25!"
by combatarmsux April 29, 2010
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