Quite possibly the worst company known to mankind, just slightly better than the tobacco industry. Notorious for doing nothing against hackers that ruin their games, and for twiddling their thumbs while crippling lag makes their games unplayable. Whenever players ask for such major problems to be fixed, they are promptly ignored and are instead offered a half-assed appeasement, usually in the form of useless gear.
A soldier is bleeding to death from a gun shot

Soldier: "Help! Medic! I need a medic over here!"

Nexon replies "A gun shot? Well how about some ice cream with rainbow sprinkles?"

Soldier responds "Um did'nt you here me? I'm dying here!"

Nexon responds "Oh oh ok, right right. Here how about a some balloon animals? And they can be yours for only $25!"
by combatarmsux April 29, 2010
Nexon is one (or maybe the only) firm on this world which actually deserves bankruptcy. Why? Well, I was customer of one of their games, and I got 0 answers of my sent customer-support-requests - over 18 months! I spent about 420 €, but not a single line by the customer service? Not just that, now my accounts are banned (even I use proxies to create new) and so on. Well, that's just my experience, so I stop now. This firm actually rips you off, they provide a free-to-play-game, but you will realize they're so cheap and slow you HAVE to spent money into it.

All people working for this firm seem to be some weird-ass koreans unable to speak (in my case German, because of Nexon EU) the language properly, they're due to the timeshift online at 2 AM - 10 AM. And so on...
Me: Goddam, this game is so slow. I need to buy NX to advance.

Me: Common, ANY other firm is better than this shit!
Some dumbass (former known as "friend" or "buddy" in the game you play): EMO-NOOB! (Removes from buddylist).

Me: Why does noone answers my support-requests?
Some forum-asshole: DEY ARRE BISSY! GO OUT AND DO SOME SPORZ INSTED. (But he cries himself at everything)
Moderator: "Send an EoI (Email of Inquiry)"

(DUH! Nexon don't answer, so writing another one make sense?)
by Former known as ZoCKeR. . . July 03, 2009
An error infested site that if you try to sign up it will say something like: "Based on the information you cannot sign up for Nexon passport". The most un-edited site ive seen...
Guy 1: Hey I'm going to download combat arms and sign up want to join me?
Guy 2: Nah dude Nexon is just a load of crust at the bottom of your underware.
by Spartan177 February 10, 2010
Nexon is a company that makes addictive games that people waste their lives on playing it. Half of the hobos in America come from Nexon and the gay Maplestory game. Nexon makes money in the game called Nexon Cash(NX). Gamers pay over hundreds of dollars just to buy them and waste it on useless things such as online cloth that expire in 3 months.
"Hey man I just got 20k Nexon cash, doesn't matter though cause im gonna steal my mom's credit card and get some more"

" Dude your NX pwns "
by Pwner of Ms March 09, 2009
A company that wants to space things out so people buy more nx while waiting for stuff.
Man, why don't they just release their album? They're such a Nexon.
by iTasty July 01, 2009
Nexon is a company that doesn't do anything unless someone is stealing money from them. They don't bother fixing their game coding to prevent hackers from hacking the game. They will also make false threats of what are the consequences of doing anything illegal, but will not do anything. Finally they have a record for being the worst customer service for a MMORPG than anyone, with a low intelligence level it's probably better for them to not bother fixing things since they will screw it up even more.
Nexon: We will put a stop to hackers in Mabinogi, just give us any information you have so we can do it.

1 Week Later...

Hacker: Hey guys I showed my god mode powers infront of the GM and all they said was "We will patch it soon".

*Note: The person that showed this DID NOT get punished whatsoever. and THIS HAS YET TO BE PATCHED!*

This is a true story.
by TheMangoFruit February 24, 2010
Nexon is a very powerful company who makes games and takes down VERY large private servers. Honestly, I think everyone from Nexon and Wizet should be shot and the people from Odin should steal their money and make the best server. Ever.
Dirk- Did you hear about Odin?
Amber-Yeah, I was on when Nexon bullshitted it down.

Peter-Nexon's nothing but money stealing bastards who cant write in English
by `CyanideX December 18, 2008
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