the BEST state ever!!! okay we know what real food taste like everyone knows that a bun is not the same as a bagel~our drinking water is the best~& our food just kicks ass~ if u correct someones grammer you'r a fag~Manthatten is called the city~we have a fucking attiude & we aint afraid 2 show it cause where fucking great~don't ever mess with a newyorker~the bronx, Brooklyn, Manhatten,Staten island, & Queens are the 5 borrows of NY~Jersey is like the 2nd NY but just ISN'T the same @ all~guys=if ur in love with a NY girl raise ur glasses if ur not raise ur standerds
<3,<3,<3 NEW YORK<3. THE city that never sleeps.<3 <33333333333
by Krissykrisskristen September 19, 2007
place. Bustling metropolis brimming with night life and dreamy-eyed folk chasing both the promise that is America and a sea of yellow cabs. Unlimited opportunity but limited seating. Concrete spires surrounding halal food carts beside world-class museums. Pigeons. So many pigeons. Many with feathers.

Wow. That hurricane Sandy really messed this place up.

No. This is how it always looks.

Hey! How about those New York Knickerbockers!
by gnostic 1 December 08, 2012
Also known as "Jew York City", "Noo Yawk City", and "Hymietown". A city where the rent is too damn high yet the inhabitants of the city stupidly pride themselves for living in a place that is an absolute shithole. They cheer for the Yankees like they don't know that they bought their own team and spent the most money so they're SUPPOSED to win. It doesn't even occur to them that being a bloated shithead alcoholic loudmouth cocksucker cheering for the Yankees (unless you have money on the game) is like going to a casino and cheering for the house, and being a complete douchebag about it. Compare your city to New York City and you'll quickly realize your city is in fact the suburbs. Nobody gives two shits about the rest of New York State, which is why this terrible hole of filth, crime and assholes is being defined. The only people who care about the city are its own citizens, but they think that everyone else should too. It's also a noted fact that whenever the end of the world takes place in a movie, it always happens in NYC, mostly because audiences world-wide enjoy watching New York get hit by a natural disaster.

New York is the shithole of the United States. Nazi Germany is better than New York.
John Doe: "Hey honey, do you want to take a trip to New York for the summer?"

Jane Doe: "Fuck no, New York is a shithole."
by PresidentOfAmericunt July 23, 2012
The greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. New York has everything that is good. New York city is home to refreshing diversity, great sports teams, great food, and great people. Fun and exciting, New York has variety. From enormous skyscrapers and bridges to mountains, wide rivers, and beuatiful beaches. If you had a choice, why whould you live anywhere else?
New York, birthplace of biggie smalls, and home to the defending super bowl champion Giants.
by Buck Foston March 30, 2008
A state where 98% of its area gets a bad rap from 2%. There's a helluva lot more to New York than the City.
I'm from Upstate New York.
by Don October 26, 2003
The best state. Number 11 to the Union. I wish only Northeasterners and worthy (like those who want to move to New York because they enjoy it or want to) Western and Midwesterners could move to New York. We DON'T like Southerners who move here unless they want to! Get out you sister-fuckers if you think it's all tall buildings! It's not even 10% all tall buildings or even urban, sheesh! It's mostly rural and suburban, learn aleady! Like you say, "Shlow, dumbash wheel get dit!"
I'm from New York, I enjoy the second amendment, let alone pretty much the whole constitution and all the amendments, I respect and enjoy separation of church and state unlike those bloody Southerners, I'm not a city boy like most New Yorkers, I enjoy some of the greatest food in America, the greatest hospitality and the nicest people. And if I want to, I can head down for a big city in NYC or I could go to Buffalo or Watertown or Poughkeepsie or whatever city I wish, and we have towns and even villages too! And we have tiny hamlets, and rural towns, and suburbia, and urban areas! It's all in New York!
by VanillaCoffee July 21, 2010
New York is the best state in the United States. It has the number one city in the world (New York City), which is known to be the most exciting city, and the city that never sleeps. There's always something to do in New York. In NY, you have Long Island, which is one of the more expensive places to live. On Long Island there is Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. You are right near the beach, and there are extremely nice places such as the Hamptons where a lot of famous people live. New York City has a lot of people, including a lot of famous people that live there. Hip-hop began in NYC, and many stars today were born in New York. You also have upstate New York, which looks like a totally different place. In Upstate New York, you have beautiful lakes and mountains, where it snows a lot in the winter and is warm in the summer. There are scenic places such as the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. New York is known to be one of the most expensive states to live in, and it is known to have the best education system in the United States. New York is home of the Yankees, Mets, Islanders, Rangers, Giants, & Jets. People that aren't from New York will be able to tell that someone is when they talk because of their New York accent. It is very distinct, but only people from NYC and Long Island have this accent, people from Upstate New York do not. People who live in New York, are very proud to be from New York..and they will let you know that it is superior to all the other states in the US!
New York is the best state in the U.S.
by Kayla Hearn February 18, 2009
The identical twin of London
New York and London two of the most diverse places on earth.
by daymian July 11, 2008

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