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Fuck New York. That ratass piece of shit overrated city sucks nuts, which is why all new yorkers go to miami. If new york is so great, how come half of that fucked up city lives in miami or la, etc.
Because NY sucks DICK. If you don't want to shop, there is jackshit to do there. Also new yorkers are disgusting and should not be classified as members of the human race. FUCK. NEW. YORK.
Guy with a brain: fny
Little new york douchefag: Oh, you're jealous!
Guy with brain: Oh, where do you live?
douchefag: Miami....
Guy with brain: Right. Suck my dick, bitch.
#fny #fuck #new #york #miami
by FuckNewYork August 16, 2010
LOL FNY link!
#funny #humorous #lol #laugh out loud #fun
by ArtooMetoo October 08, 2009
Technically it stands for Fuck New York. It, however, has become the whiny, bitching battle-cry of the people who just cant cut it in the fast-paced, but rewarding NY lifestyle. Usually spouted by people from cities that are kinda big but could never compare to NYC (ex. Los Angeles, Miami, etc...)
Every time Zalmy says FNY, all I can think is how much of a whiny bitch he is.
#fml #new york #zalmy #big pimpin #bitch ass ho
by Sixteen G. September 07, 2009
An amazingly kwl way to spell 'cool', used especially by people with a fear of 4 letter words.
LzrChic: Omg how good was saturday?
Bby: Yeh It was soo fny!!
LzrChic: When are you gonna get over that stupid fear of four letter words?
Bby: Nvr it is lyk wel fny!
#funny #stupid #txt speak #fea of 4 letter words #4
by Katii3 May 25, 2008
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