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Usually used as a meaning of something that is solid. Can also be used to describe eating of a food or women. But really u can use it for anything.
I got with a girl, nerm

I just ate a bunch of popcorn chicken, nerm.

What are you doing tonite? Going to joey's house. Nerm
by BIG DADDY KRAIG November 11, 2006
1. A word for clarifying a social victory of a trippy arguement, discussion, or fight.
He's naked now, I knew you stole the skydiver's underpants, NERM!
by DementedMax March 07, 2006
The act in which a dead (splay-legged and splay-armed) body falls from a set of rafters, and lands unerringly onto a living person.
Jessica entered the studio, letting out a sigh of relief. It had been a hard day at work, and she was ready to sit down with some chai, her painting, and some good old Lionel Richie. As the door clicked shut, and the lock sunk home, the body of her former boyfriend slipped free of it's temporary home, and nermed her hard, across her shoulders.
by Matthew Li Shy January 10, 2014
An expression used when deeply frustrated and/or sad about something
Example 1:
Zack: "Nathan you are a fat, dumb, ugly, cunt-face whore"
Nathan: "Nerm, I hate you"
Example 2:
Nerm I got this problem wrong in math again!!!

by scratch master z June 03, 2008
Nerm a term coined for an man whos name is norman.Whom everyone enjoys.Also can be used as afiller word in coversation.Also can be used as a negative.
You damn nerm! Get of that hooker!
by j-dog October 10, 2003
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