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The first energy drink from way back in the 80's. This is actually a cola but has so much more caffeine, as much as a cup of coffee, than regular cola that it keeps you up all night. It has recently made a come back ans is still as delicious as it was in the 80's.
It is also great for gamers who need to stay up late playing online games
Guy 1: I'm thirsty but I don't want a normal cola but I also don't want to get an energy drink
Guy 2: Try Jolt cola it is something that is very good to drink
Guy 1: Wow... you are correct about that my homeslice
by scratch master z June 03, 2008
An expression used when deeply frustrated and/or sad about something
Example 1:
Zack: "Nathan you are a fat, dumb, ugly, cunt-face whore"
Nathan: "Nerm, I hate you"
Example 2:
Nerm I got this problem wrong in math again!!!

by scratch master z June 03, 2008

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