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When a girl gets jizzed on by a guy and then someone proceeds to pour Nerds on her.
Kristen was so drunk and passed out that he jizzed on her so I poured Nerds on her and she looked like a Nerds Rope!
by CarlyFro February 03, 2011
Buy a box of nerds. While your having intercourse with your partner, shove some nerds into the asshole. Give anal. While having anal, give your partner a Pink Sock. The nerds will be stuck on the pink sock, making it look like a tasty nerds rope for your enjoyment.
After a long day at work, Stan was ready to go home and enjoy a sweet and tasty Nerds Rope.
by DickAirplane April 12, 2010
A penis so infected with wart-causing venereal diseases that it resembles the popular candy.
"I was going to have sex with Jack, but when he pulled his pants down-- god, has he got a nerds rope!"
by Fishfriend January 17, 2010