A special bond shared by two individuals. These two are best friends that get into trouble everywhere they go and will be there for each other through everything.

Also known as Nerdsie, Nerds, and -bomber.
Oh, it's a nerdbomber thing. You'd never understand.
by Nerdbomber726 April 20, 2010
Top Definition
One that has excelled to the point of specialization at being a dork. Not neccessarily an insult, it can be a term of affection.
Melly is such a nerdbomber.


Pee is such a Nerdbomber
by Rob November 14, 2003
insult from full house
DJ; "you are a nerd bomber
Steph: "geek burger"
by 6 5 6 2 April 26, 2004
basically means nerd. usually used jokingly.
my friends are the biggest nerd bombers but i love them anyways. = D
by eatmymuffin July 31, 2007
An urban legend who is believed to sell gypsy blood and unicorn hair. Contrary to popular belief, they do NOT ride unicorns or have pots of gold. Some have heard that they are amazing people, but not enough people have met them for that statement to become factual.
"That nerdbomber just changed my life in a very positive way!"
by Gribbstein October 11, 2009
a really retarded person who also happens to be blonde or at least blonde at heart and is like super dumb sometimes! but is also loved a LOT
bekah- do you have a towel?
nikki- (sarcastically)no we dont believe in towels.
bekah- what!? how do you get dry!?
nikki- haha your such a nerdbomber!
by nerdbomber May 07, 2008
1.)Some one who is uncool or socially unalive.
2.)One who is a nerd, geek, or lame.
3.)a way to jokingly insult one of your friends
OMG! Justice is such a nerd bomber! Can you believe hye dumped KT because her GPA was a 3.8?
by Aunia-Chaquita January 18, 2007
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