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a super hot person that has an AMAZING body! who you want to have sex with like all the time! (HWANB)
girl 1- ohh emm gee did you see that guy!
girl 2- yea talk about hottie with a naughty body!
girl 1- i want him NOW
#sex #hottie #hot body #sexy #body
by nerdbomber May 07, 2008
a really retarded person who also happens to be blonde or at least blonde at heart and is like super dumb sometimes! but is also loved a LOT
bekah- do you have a towel?
nikki- (sarcastically)no we dont believe in towels.
bekah- what!? how do you get dry!?
nikki- haha your such a nerdbomber!
#blonde #dumb #retard #loved #towels
by nerdbomber May 07, 2008
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