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Former liberals in the 1960's who were disillusioned about how the 'Great Society' looked like, therefore questioned their beliefs and eventually shifted to the right. Hence, new conservatives.

Neocons are fine with budget deficits for just wars that could last for a generation long, but not social programmes which they see as futile. It is important to note that the wars and Iraq and Afghanistan actually cost less than any two military interventions during any time of the Cold War period. (adjusted for inflation)

These have-been liberals still share the same Utopian ends as most people across the political spectrum would. They have a blend of left and right wing world view, proponents of low income tax, free trade; also liberal democracies and all kinds of universal ideals, can be just as liberal as traditional liberals (as they really were liberals) over many social issues theoretically too (LGBT rights, drugs, abortion rights, etc......), except for an excessive welfare state.

What makes them hugely unpopular is their use of questionable, if not Draconian means to achieve those ideal ends, which is why the neocons have been heavily criticised, even hated by both people from the left and to the right. i.e, They are supporters of controversal projects like any unilateral military interventions overthrowing dictators, Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, PATRIOT Act..... They see these as 'necessary evils' to eradicate homeland security threat and suffering of humanity.
Example of neoconservatism:

Last neoconservative administration in the United States was Bush junior's first term, Bush was heavily influenced by the real neocon Dick Cheney. But Cheney's influence declined for the second term. Check out Cheney's memoirs 'In My Time', a subtle criticism to George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice for not having enough balls to stand like him.
by Henry law April 20, 2013
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