Not even funny, like when you are being sarcastic or hyper.
Hana: He broke up with you?

Jennifer: Yeah

Hana: You must be hurting. What did you do all day yesterday?

Jennifer: I cried all day. I cried so hard, it's nef.
by cutiee_widda_booty_15 March 17, 2010
Short for nephew, used when addressing an acquaintance or friend
"Hey Tyrone, what's up my nef?"
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
accronym for non exciting female
if you feel 'bout woman who made you only sure to lick her cunt so you can say her a NEF woman.
by george luntz February 16, 2007
A goup in chicago on the side south (43rd in federal/state) that run everything and known as (the newphews)
what's up yall know I had to rep chi-town
A somewhat exclamatory remark used when expressing attraction to a picture of an attractive person; usually not directed at the attractive person, but is more commonly used as a comment to a friend when one is seen.
Steph: Hey, check this guy out.
Meg: oh my god, nef.
by Stephanie September 18, 2004
A freak/creep/weirdo with a funny accent and cheese tetas.
That guy just touched my ass. And He smelled like cheese. I hope the police arrest that nef.
by bazooka tooth December 10, 2003

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