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Something you stick your dick inside to make move around. A nymphomaniac. Someone who is very energetic during the act of sexual intercourse. Usually referring to a younger individual
"Dude, she's a total cock puppet."
"Man, I'm sick of my wife, I need a cock puppet"
by Wildstar July 23, 2003
Someone who is really good at something, I.E. Halo 2.
Something that is amazingly tasty

"Man that guy is crazy good!"
"I'm crazy good today!"
"That Pizza was Crazy good!"

by Wildstar January 20, 2006
Voices in you head. or Group of uncool or different people.
"The Mutants are telling me to do it"!! "Well a little mutant told me" "Damn those Mutants"!!!! "Why dont the mutants ever stop talking to me"?? or "Look at those mutants" "What a fucking mutant" "Mutants suck"!
by Wildstar December 28, 2005
A place where people without motivation waste their money on a really good program, but those who care about themselves and can commit can achieve just about any goal they aspire to.
The last person probably lost 50 bucks because he couldn't follow a simple program
by Wildstar November 27, 2003
The Funky feeling you feel in the morning sometimes or anytime you feel you need a shower. Or when you feel weird or strange.
Clymy may also be used to describe a strange situation, or a creepy situation or a funky or dewy climate.
"Man I feel Clymy today". or "This is Clymy, I'm getting out of here". Or "That movie is clymy as hell"! "What are you some kind of Clymy bastard"?
by Wildstar December 28, 2005
1. Feeling you need a shower. Feeling funky, grimey or dirty.
2. Place or situation that is creepy or strange.
"Man I feel Climey today." or "You look a little Climey today Bill."
"That movie was Climey as hell!" or "Man this is getting Climey." or "I can't shake this Climey Feeling."
by Wildstar January 12, 2006
A Buoelb Master is someone either with a lot or Buoelb (fat), or someone who profoundly has no clue.
"Your just being one hell of a Buoelb Master today!"
"Look at this Buoelb Master!"
"Try not being a Buoelb Master"

by Wildstar January 12, 2006

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