1. exclamation that implies pity; from the hebrew word 'nebach' meaning 'shame, pity'

2. description of a person needing or garnering sympathy
1. Look at that nerd, nebs!

2. He is such a nebs that it is hard to get mad at him.
by EO January 28, 2005
The worst smell you could ever amagine. It is like jumping into a 100 million ton pool of crap and then being farted on by Peter Griffin and then being showered by skunk spray with a hint of dog urine and to finish it of being used as a deoderant stick by one of the fat guys on the biggest looser.
It smells like neb in here.
by BOSOX2007 April 07, 2009
A person who has their nose in everyone else's business. A busybody.
Don't be so nebby!
by r.m. adams January 07, 2004
A reversal of the name 'Ben'. Usually used to describe someone who is weird, preferably by the name of Ben.
Ben is such a Neb!
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
One that is communist like
It's as red as a nebs!
by Little C/Big C November 24, 2010
Someone who is an idiot. This "idiot" usually takes orders from a nintendo DS, lite edition if you prefer. This rather FAT looking fellow annoys people and has sex with Luke Buckley and Rehan Choudrey at the same time.
Mike: Oh no here comes Neb...
Oliver: Oh, why doesnt he just bugger off to his nintendo..
John: Screw this..Im gona leave if he starts talking about that new Mario Game...
*Neb waddles over*
Neb: Oh hello John did you hear about the new Mario game for DS Lite?
John: Fuck off you looser!
*John punches Neb in the face.. Only his face flab absorbs the impact of John's fist*
*Neb Laughs*
*John takes down neb and steals his shoes while neb is trying to attack John in a crazy way*
Joe Johnston pointing at neb: Yea i think hes suffering from NEB syndrome...
by John Savasci October 17, 2006
A person who is nonathletic. Ben backwards.
Chris missed the pass, what a neb.
by Gavin Weiner December 12, 2006

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