All this and more... now what the fuck does that meen?
Ben is such a friendless, 'Winna' spouting cunt that he changed his name to 'Admiral Neb'
by Peter Baby July 03, 2004
this is an abreviation for NON ENERGETIC BODY. Jocks would call someone that is they are bad at sports.
EX: Look at Mike, he has'nt gotten the ball once!he's such a NEB
by Drew July 21, 2004
Abbreviation of nebulous; plural is nebs
A cool person is a neb
by Gabs Sims-Fewer November 24, 2006
Word for nerd used by young religious Jewish people. Derived from the Yiddish Nebbish meaning nothing.
I would date Tracy. She's such a neb.
by schmuck melamed September 26, 2003
If you've seen Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions WAY too many times, when conversing with your friends for the billionth time on the precise details of the Matrix series, you can abbreviate Nebuchadnezzar as Neb.
But, if you're typing, you can prove you're a true geek by spelling the name right :P
Nerd 1: OMG what are you smoking, the Neb is sooo faster than the Logos!!
Nerd 2: WTF? Teh no!
by Chris L. December 27, 2003

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