Someone who sucks at anything they. See noob, newbie. They have had a chance become better but never improved because they are incompetent. Usually used in online gaming. Other variations are nub and nib.
"Look at this mother fucker, he's such a neb and thinks he's better than me."
"Dude she told me she was a virgin and doesn't do dick...Fuck that bitch shes a neb ass"
"Johnny's parents found his stash in his closet... That kid is such a neb at life"
by jackayy January 16, 2009
Every Sandors companion. Often found with large nipples and hairy *things*
Sandor The Hermit: Its off to see the wizard, the wonoderful wizard of OZ
Neb the gay: wheres your mum i miss her
Sandor: Hungary

Jonas Wuu: idiots
by Geroge woodelton April 29, 2010
referring to someone who is acting like a doofus
geeze, you're such a neb! stop being a neb.
by Shelea December 16, 2007
Someone who gets everything from others; a moocher
Get the hell away from me you gay ass neb!
by Ester E. Rockwell III November 25, 2003
A modern-day pirate disguised as a snowboarding devil who gets a lot of booty
Dude, I think I'm going to be a neb for Halloween. They're so badass, the ladies will love it.
by sierraaa14 November 09, 2010
The Internet Web thing as a whole. The contraction of these two words: Net and Web = N.E.B
"Say Coasty, what do yu think of that Obama ragia on the Neb?"
"He's the right man, no shit, Cain's got all my respect, he is a tough mofa but Obama is my man. Check the Neb to see a vd of him playin' basketball, he's got style, he's got style"
by Slangherinthenight August 18, 2008
A kid who acts like a spoiled brat but who is in no position to deserve being spoiled. A kid you want to punch.
Wesley Crusher on Star Trek The Next Generation
by IrishElim July 28, 2005
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