The game mode of Call of Duty: World at War in which the player kills zombies. Nazi Zombies come in 3 maps currently which are Nauht Der Untoten (Night of the Undead in German), Verruckt (Zombie Asylum in German), and Shi no Numa (Zombie Swamp in Japanese). 2 more maps are expected, which are located in Tungesta, Russia, and Area 51, USA.
<insert example pertaining to nazi zombies here>
by frostbite14 July 19, 2009
The only reason i bought Call of Duty: Black ops.
Guy 1: I just bought Black ops, Dude.

Guy 2: Now we can play some Nazi zombies together.
by Chibideidara May 20, 2012
A game mode which is unlocked after the completion of the Call of Duty 5: World at War single player mode. It is the only fun part of the game (and the only part that wasn't in call of duty 4
The Nazi Zombies went Booga booga booga booga and ate my brain
by youzzer March 19, 2009
The game of all games, in order to shoot a nazi zombie, one must have a passion for shooting nazis, zombies and germans in general, this game is played religously in Southampton.
Ninder: "Hey Hey"
Modemz: "I don't understand what you mean by hey"
Ninder: "Cracker you wana play zombies?"
Modemz: "OK I will play, I have a passion for shooting nazi zombies as my uncle was drunk when he raped me, he too was a nazi"
Ninder: "Come on its not that bad dude, you will feel better once you play this game"
Modemz: "OK, I will do it

******** 3 HOURS LATER *******
Ninder: "Your a dick, we died on level 28 man"
Modemz: "I love young boys"
by Steveninder Hair May 13, 2009
The Classic storyline of CodWAW zombies. This fragmented story refers to Ludvig Maxis a German scientist researching an unknown substance, element 115 a rock that can power anything. But he starts work on the moon with his partner Edward Rictofen. They then accidentally unleash an evil trapped for thousands of years that is the zombies themselves. Their own soilders become infected and they go through infinite loops and rounds of the zombies with various powerups, perks, and guns. They then find themselves trapped in the zombies grasp. But a new band of survivors stir up using the clues and tips from the previous surviors.
Tank Dempsey: Ohh shit, these stupid fucking Nazi Zombies are corrupting my mission!
by The Not-So-Urban Guy August 15, 2015
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