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An extremely long text, Facebook message, or email, usually sent during periods of heightened emotion, particularly anger, frustration or inebriation.

They usually go into immense detail and talk about feelings.
"You can tell Alex is pissed when he starts sending out the essay texts"

"brb, got a massive essay message to reply to"
by chimpskylark April 25, 2012
A mark on your skin over which people cannot decide is a mole or a freckle.

Derived from the split-personality Doctor Jekyll from the book by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Rhys: I've got a total Dr Frekyll on my arm.

Owen: I'd say it's a freckle myself...

Rhys: That's what I thought, but those guys are convinced it's a mole!
by chimpskylark May 02, 2009
An undead spanish nazi, as seen in the game uncharted drakes fortune (i'm not making this up!)
Look! That beef wet unshaven man's getting chased by some Spanish Nazi Zombie's!
by Chimpskylark March 08, 2009
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