United States Navy (usually, but can be any nation's fleet). The Navy is the sea-based branch of the military, but through the use of aircraft carriers they have taken over much of what the Air Force used to do. Because of this they are possibly the most prominent and widely-used of all the branches of the U.S. military (same goes for most other nations too). Tactically, their primary focus is blue-water operations such as fleet and subarmine warfare, but since the Cold War this role has been de-emphasized as most countries with any respectable naval forces arent dumb enough to piss off the USA.

Their role in combat operations will likely only continue to increase as everyone loves a "clean" air war. However, because they do not have a true ground force anymore they are not self-sufficient and must work very closely with the Army/Marines during combat operations.
The Army and Marines move in to take over territory after the Navy and Air Force have turned it into a big smoking crater.
by Bogus January 27, 2005
a lovely shade of dark blue
person 1: I really like that black shirt you are wearing.
person 2: dude it's not black...it's navy.
by Pirate Joe May 25, 2007
An acronym which stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself. Popular among junior enlisted sailors when they are feeling especially bitter about the fact that they always have to strip and wax the 'deck' and clean the 'head'. Officers and senior enlisted (lifers) do not approve of this acronym or its usage.

The term is beginning to find some usage amongst the civilian population as well, usually after someone has volunteered him or herself to do something, only to have it turn into a giant pain in the ass that you can't get out of.

Regardless of the particular context, the term is always used while bitching about something.
Johnny: This sucks!!
Steven: Navy, dude. Navy.
Johnny: Yup. Navy.

You also sometimes hear it as a direct substitute for words like shitty, sucks, bullshit, etc.
Example: Johnny: This is so fucking Navy!!
by ericdh November 10, 2005
the best place to go for FREE COLLEGE! and you can fight for your contry. and their football team is awesome!
Guy:Im gonna go to the navy because army the army football team sucks.
by CoCo April 09, 2005
The providers of religious, medical, and limo services to the US Marine Corps
Marine 1: This Navy chaplain gives good sermons.

Marine 2: Gotta love those Navy doctors. They save Marines' lives.

Marine 3: Well boys, we gotta go half way around the world to fight. Let's call the Navy to get us there.
by Bill October 04, 2005
The Branch of the Armed Forces of the United States that killed Usama Bin Laden.
The U.S. Navy's Seal Team Six killed Usama Bin Laden.
by oneppurp May 06, 2011
a place where the real men go and not while all you cock suckers are to scared or lazy to help protect you country. ohh yaa NAVY and all other branches
thats ok you be scared and lazy while we fight and fuck fine women.
by you momma December 02, 2004
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