A real and chill character with a cool demeanor because everybody has respect for him. He is smart, cool, real, athletic, calm, and collective, Will help people out when they are situations of service needed because he is down to Earth aswell!
Boy: What's your type?
Girl: I want somebody like Navi!
by Enacy January 05, 2015
Sexy mothafucka
Damn u Navi!
by OCDLolJkImNotOCDIHaveASmallDik January 13, 2016
(noun) The act of a female looking at a male stranger with seductive gestures, clearly showing that she is interested in him while she is with her boyfriend or husband. Often used incorrectly describing females giving the look without a boyfriend or husband present.
Check out that guy's wife giving me that navi.
by DC_The_Boss January 11, 2011
a GPS navigation system in a car
Oh, sick! You guys got navi in this thing!?
by Billthrill August 22, 2006
Contrary to popular belief that shes a bitchy fairy she is actually one of thee Nicest People u may meet if not thee nicest! She has a habit of liking to mention that shes a rapist every other 5 words or so but thats ok cuz she bee a coo kat! She likes to pinch pigeons nipples for sum damn reason and has a heart made of gold!... literally that shits crazy yo!
in a way she sumtimes has a habit of saying in a way alot but its very funny because in a way it makes u laugh that in a way she doesnt notice. in conclusion if u yawn u can stop urself by grabbing ur tongue and any nice/great/honest person should be referred to as Navis!
Person 1; Dude! that random person saved that cat from that burning orphanage.
Person 2; Damn! theyre so Navi!
by ElPichonDelMasAya March 16, 2012
A Fucking bitch that has no respect for anyone because she is a fucker and she acts like shes all that. Shes such a fucking loser that always is a showoff
Navi is a fucking whore
by AbbyJones April 01, 2007
Partially sentient electronic device that Lain (and others of her anime rendered world) uses to connect to, and interface with the "Wired" (or "Weird") - Lain's universe equivalent of the Internet, except marginally less threatening: You can only get stalked, sucked in and induced to commit suicide if you're ditzy enough to visit the "Wired" while virtually naked and experiencing a trancey reality disconnect.
"Lain your new Navi has arrived, it's faster than a 386 and instantly translates your friends' japanese chatter into engrish text!"
by idunnit November 04, 2004

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