A terrible flirt who really isn't attractice. He's a right show off and is nowhere near as popular as he thinks he is. He has a few friends, but most are too cool for him
Girl: Ugh, look at that Nathan
Nathan: Hey babe
Girl: Get away from me!
by Bgslol March 24, 2013
The biggest idiot you'll ever know. If you are considering friendship with this person or even a relationship, don't. Often homosexual, Nathans' will go out of their way to make people's lives difficult and unpleasant.

A Nathan is also known to sell out his friends for the tiniest bit of power and has one of the most obnoxious personalities you'll ever encounter. Most Nathans end up boring accountants with no lives.
Girl: I can't believe what a dick he is!

Guy: What'd you expect? Its Nathan...
by Charlieboyyyy April 01, 2012
RAPE!!! HELP!!! (aka) NATHAN!!! HELP!!!
by hellhoole August 29, 2011
is a one eyebrowed super freek . . . whos farts smell bad and is way too cocky for his own good! Should be avoided for his shit banter . . . he will name himself decent at everything . . . this is a lie! Be Warned he will try to rape your face!
He tried to Nathan my face . . .!
by Bupps May 31, 2011
a phrase used to describe the young upwardly mobile media 20 somethings that swarm around London districts such as Hoxton, Notting Hill and Clapham.
Usually extremely posh these people migrate in the hundreds from the home counties and proceed to either live off mummy and daddy or get a job in TV or Magazines.
Very easy to stare out and beat up.
from a character from Zeppotron.com
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003
A boy with red flaming hair born from the son, one born from IO(the habitable of Saturns moons) wizened in the art of math, seemingly dictated by God. At first he is shy and quiet and everyone thinks hes a nerd. In reality he is weird and has a good sense of humor. very solicitous. Girls love him, but they won't admit it. overall he is asurdly skinny and loves breaking his arms. hides his emotions and expresses them only when he feels safe. he is a hot mama. loves sports and music.
girl 1: oh that boy is so good at piano and soccer. his red hair is like a volano of love.

girl 2: i love Nathan so much, hes so sensitive and cute
by kayyyyygrrrrrrl May 14, 2012
Most think as a hot, sweet, dreamy, perverted guy that can be a "Bad ass", or good at instruments, with a lean body, NOT TRUE.

I'm a gamer with no tone, yet barley good at guitar, nice, has mean bursts though my name IS NATHAN.

Even though all the definitions are flattering and not meant for someone is literally named Nathan I don't see it as me so yeah.
Girl 1: Oh look at Nathan he's cute .
Me:I turn around "thanks."
Girl 1and 2:"EWW No not you Idiot him over there."*Points to random person*
Girl 1 and 2:UGH!*Walk off*
by HaterGottaHateFiretrucks00 May 24, 2012

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