a big fat feggit who has no friends and like it in the but. often dates an alyssa, he cant get anyone else. no friends, no life, and like penis
nathan likes alyssa dildo in the but
by alyssa o neil 10169 January 20, 2015
Nathan is the kind of guy who knows everything and remembers every facts about everything, causing his friends to know him as a spoff. He is also the kind of person to think that if he makes up a name that sounds smart, because he is nathan, it will be right.
Boy: What is that thing called thats a sander and is circle?
Girl:Oh you mean the gerbil
Nathan:Actually it's a rotational disk sander
by tinykangaroo December 31, 2014
A ball of lard with no class, who is an animal hoarder.
He is really mean, he must be a Nathan
by Leaderofthecats December 10, 2014
Substitute for 'fag' and other derogatory homosexual slanders. Typically used in a workplace environment where other homosexual references would result in disciplinary action.

Dates back to 2009 when nathan was identified as a fag, and therefore all fags were nathan.
"dude, (indicating to an obvious homosexual) check out that raving Nathan over there"

"FNG is such a fucking nathan I can smell his shit covered cock from here"
by nathan69sex August 17, 2013
A Manipulative C**t who treats people like sh** and feels he is superior to everyone else.
That Dude Is Such A Nathan
by ju ju Ja June 21, 2013
A guy who is always getting friend zoned by chicks.
Man, I told this one girl that I liked her but she just wanted to be friends. I feel like a Nathan.
by Fishboiii June 13, 2013
A Caucasian male who resembles Eminem but at a younger age. His favorite name is 8 mile or rabbit and he lives in a trailer.
Man I just saw Nathan in a music video
by White rapper April 21, 2013
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