Charming and intermittently gregarious but bipolar binge drinkers with a dash of recluse and some misanthrope for seasoning.
The change in him was so pronounced that she surmised he must be one of those nathans she'd been warned about.
by Dr. Johnson December 17, 2004
a little shit. A cunt bag.
"Nathan! Stop blocking the football! I am supposed to catch it!"
"I don't care"
by What1 September 18, 2013
A guy with a brick body hates gays and is a racist
Nathan hates asians and gays
by asianlover2327 June 12, 2013
A creepy little stalker who thinks he's God's gift to girls.
Often plays several girls one off against the other to feed his pathetic little ego.

Needs constant reassurance that girls find him attractive, despite the fact that he has a non existent penis.

Can't leave his ex's alone even when he has moved on to another girl he needs to keep his options open.

Definately one to keep away from your daughter!
Nathan,psycho, egotist, creep,
by PigPrincess August 13, 2012
A quite cool kid who loves to play the cello, actually is obsessed with playing it, sometimes he walks around pretending to be bach and thinking that he is really cool but he is not. He always makes fun of this kid named dallas, harris, jedadia, and sometimes mitchell. He can get very violent if you say something mean to him.
"Who is that kid picking on dallas"
"Oh thats obviously Nathan"

"Who is that kid playing the cello and acting like bach"
"Hmmmm that is probably Nathan"
by Ivan3567 May 07, 2013
A terrible flirt who really isn't attractice. He's a right show off and is nowhere near as popular as he thinks he is. He has a few friends, but most are too cool for him
Girl: Ugh, look at that Nathan
Nathan: Hey babe
Girl: Get away from me!
by Bgslol March 24, 2013
A boy with red flaming hair born from the son, one born from IO(the habitable of Saturns moons) wizened in the art of math, seemingly dictated by God. At first he is shy and quiet and everyone thinks hes a nerd. In reality he is weird and has a good sense of humor. very solicitous. Girls love him, but they won't admit it. overall he is asurdly skinny and loves breaking his arms. hides his emotions and expresses them only when he feels safe. he is a hot mama. loves sports and music.
girl 1: oh that boy is so good at piano and soccer. his red hair is like a volano of love.

girl 2: i love Nathan so much, hes so sensitive and cute
by kayyyyygrrrrrrl May 14, 2012

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