When life gets you down go Nathan.Nathan's are guys how has been bullied by society, and always try new extreme ways just to get a tad more attension.
Signs of going nathan:
1.Getting a bit fat
2.Die hair a funny colour
3.Wax your legs
5.Start doing "weights"
Bob:hey bill
Bill: hey
Bob saw that Bill died his hair funny
Bob:go away Nathan!!!!
Bill:ah shit!!
by dont go nathan July 13, 2011
Nathans are easily angered, slackers. Violent. Unhealthy. Disgusting. Rude. Arrogant. They think they're funny when they're not. Don't have a Nathan for a boyfriend, they will break your heart, tell you they still love you then shag some whore. Be careful.
"Ew, Nathan! Don't eat a mouldy chocolate peanut!"
"Nathan, get tested"
"You're Nathan!!"
by jhgaouireba February 07, 2012
Bully, mean to anyone who won't be friends with him, buys his friends because he is a low life looser and stuck up rich kid. He buys his grades and is not nice not even to his friends they just stay with him cause they don't want to bullied. 5 words to describe him dick assholl fuckn bitch jackass and a selfish piece of shit. A guy you will hope to never meet.
Nathan thinking : hey there's a girl who looks defenseless I'm gonna bully her to make me feel better

Nathan: hey you! Your a big tub of lard!

Girl: why won't you ever leave me alone.

Nathan: I wanna make you feel bad and I succeded

Girl thinks :god Noone stands up to him just because he's rich and buys there friendship
by Awesome girls August 16, 2012
A fat jack off with a small penis.
Your dating Nathan again? He's fucking small.
by bananiom July 19, 2011
no matter how much you want to hate him you cant, he draws you back for more, you two are meant to be which isnt a good thing as hes trouble, allways unpredicatble often stoned, hes never in one place for long. trouble follows hima nd anyone whos close to him.
hes such a fucking nathan
by Fuckthisloveshit May 29, 2011
Scoolgirl by day Stripper by night!
Nathan is such a great stripper!
by MyDivineComedy November 02, 2010
an incompetent guy.
girl: hey nathan tell me a story?
boy: no.
by pickleprincess June 06, 2010

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