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A true christian man. He loves people and strives to be like Jesus in everything he does. His goal in life is to follow Jesus and show Jesus' love to the world. If he has a girlfriend, then she is the luckiest girl in the world to have caught the attention and affections of this man. A Nathan will make a wonderful husband and father, without a doubt. Nathans are few and far between, and if you know one, count yourself lucky.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was more like Nathan
Girl 2: Yeah, me too
by 8371920 May 11, 2011
One of the most perfect boys in existence.
With the best personality and the prettiest eyes ever..

you'd be lucky to catch one of these.
too bad it's alllllll for Jacqueline.
I would definitely like to mate with Nathan for life..
by j. jealousy November 15, 2010
The end product of an accident.
Mom and Dad got too frisky one night, and now we're stuck with Nathan.
by G is fo' G-A-N-G-S-T-A-' April 17, 2006
The most amazing albino nigga with a dick like jesus
nathan a star
by nigganate May 21, 2014
The seediest thing you will ever lay eyes on, but you can't help but fall for them, they are soooo dreamy 😍 they are Musical people that are good in bed, fantastic bodies, amazing shoulders, couldn't live without them, if they are single, date them!
- hey he was soooo good last night

- did you catch his name?

- yeah Nathan

- that would explain it then

cute, dreamy, hot, yummy, sexy, shoulders
by Mamphoponpho June 19, 2013
A guy with a brick body hates gays and is a racist
Nathan hates asians and gays
by asianlover2327 June 12, 2013
A creepy little stalker who thinks he's God's gift to girls.
Often plays several girls one off against the other to feed his pathetic little ego.

Needs constant reassurance that girls find him attractive, despite the fact that he has a non existent penis.

Can't leave his ex's alone even when he has moved on to another girl he needs to keep his options open.

Definately one to keep away from your daughter!
Nathan,psycho, egotist, creep,
by PigPrincess August 13, 2012