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A handsome man, normally dark haired and tanned, has great style and taste and can get any girl he likes. A Nathan is a Pro at mostly every sport, especially football! His appearance gives him the impression of being a 'bad man' but really he is the nicest guy you could ever meet; sweet; caring; lovable and gives the best hugs. He may not be the smartest of the group, or the most intelligent, but most definatly has the nicest personality. Also, he has a HUGE cock and the best body EVER! Allthough a Nathan seems quite innocent, he can have a different side to him; Being non-trustworthy and a bit of a player. However a Nathan is a one of a kind, so hold on to them forever!
Girl; oh i really want a boyfriend...

Girl2; oh my god, you need to get a Nathan, they are the purfect!
by ohmygosshlol April 19, 2011

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