The most amazing albino nigga with a dick like jesus
nathan a star
by nigganate May 21, 2014
is someone that loves twilight and gay mountain and is a complete jon
Nathan is a complete jon
by adolfhitlerthejewslayer February 09, 2014
A Manipulative C**t who treats people like sh** and feels he is superior to everyone else.
That Dude Is Such A Nathan
by ju ju Ja June 21, 2013
A guy who is always getting friend zoned by chicks.
Man, I told this one girl that I liked her but she just wanted to be friends. I feel like a Nathan.
by Fishboiii June 13, 2013
The kind of person who will lie about anything and play the "whoa-is-me" card to gain sympathy and try, damned as he might, to bang any girl he locks eyes with. Basically the human equivalent of aids (never goes away) with a nasty attitude to boot.
Nathan: I just found out I got cancer and may only have a week to live. So can you like, sleep with me one last time so I can get one out while I'm still *gasp* alive

Female: Not if you were the last Nathan on earth.
by RTL_represent February 10, 2012
One of the most perfect boys in existence.
With the best personality and the prettiest eyes ever..

you'd be lucky to catch one of these.
too bad it's alllllll for Jacqueline.
I would definitely like to mate with Nathan for life..
by j. jealousy November 15, 2010
The end product of an accident.
Mom and Dad got too frisky one night, and now we're stuck with Nathan.
by G is fo' G-A-N-G-S-T-A-' April 17, 2006
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