The kind of person who will lie about anything and play the "whoa-is-me" card to gain sympathy and try, damned as he might, to bang any girl he locks eyes with. Basically the human equivalent of aids (never goes away) with a nasty attitude to boot.
Nathan: I just found out I got cancer and may only have a week to live. So can you like, sleep with me one last time so I can get one out while I'm still *gasp* alive

Female: Not if you were the last Nathan on earth.
by RTL_represent February 10, 2012
One of the most perfect boys in existence.
With the best personality and the prettiest eyes ever..

you'd be lucky to catch one of these.
too bad it's alllllll for Jacqueline.
I would definitely like to mate with Nathan for life..
by j. jealousy November 15, 2010
A boy who is smoking hot, but will snap your heart in half. He charms you with his kindness and intelligence, he's extremely smart. He's a great listener and if you're his girlfriend, he will make you feel amazing. He will always compliment you and be there for you, it's perfect! Until he starts falling for another girl... Or you find a guy who will treat you better. The more you analyze it, the more you realize that he constantly flirts with other girls and he is rude to your friends. He is still an amazing friend, but once you break up with him, he is never coming back. You will be a mess without him, and you will constantly miss him, but there's no way he's coming back. He's trouble and all of the girls realize it.

Heartbreaker hot kind friend
Girl 1: Hey who's that hot guy over there!
Girl 2: Oh his name is Nathan. Girl watch out, he will crush your heart in the blink of an eye.
by TeenagerAnonymous June 12, 2016
A nice boy, but if you get on his nerves will turn into Satan and fuck you up the ass with his falling penis
Person: Yeah. He's a Nathan.
by YoutubeAddict April 07, 2015
A person who is very unintelligent, and usually makes horrible decisions. Usually this person hangs out with the wrong crowd, pulling other people down with him. A Chris is usually susceptible to this action, due to similarities of personality.
Nathan went to that party last weekend, and got drunk. Chris went with him, to repeat the same process.
by Kringe702 November 12, 2014
is someone that loves twilight and gay mountain and is a complete jon
Nathan is a complete jon
by adolfhitlerthejewslayer February 09, 2014
A handsome man, normally dark haired and tanned, has great style and taste and can get any girl he likes. A Nathan is a Pro at mostly every sport, especially football! His appearance gives him the impression of being a 'bad man' but really he is the nicest guy you could ever meet; sweet; caring; lovable and gives the best hugs. He may not be the smartest of the group, or the most inteligent, but most definatly has the nicest personality. Also, he has a HUGE cock and the best body EVER! Allthough a Nathan seems quite innocent, he can have a different side to him; Being non-trustworthy and a bit of payer. However a Nathan is one of a kind, so hold on to them forever!
Girl; oh i really want a boyfriend...
Girl2; oh my god, you need to get a Nathan, they are the purfect!
by Anonagaintehe April 19, 2011
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