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Nanaimo or Nomindo or Nanaim-hole is a small provincial city on Vancouver Island where people dreams go to die. That is, if those people ever had dreams other that owning things like cars/trucks, atv's or flat screen TV's. It's a a city where people have just enough intellectual curiosity to get themselves into VIU or "high school on the hill", to complete a course to get a "good Job"or "that's good money!" as a personal trainer or yoga instructor. Nanaimo presently has more personal trainers and yoga instructors per capita than any other city in British Columbia and remarkably makes up 19% percent of it's economy. The rest of the city's economy is made up in retail in it's shopping or strip-malls.

Some of the interests of a Nanaimoite is of course - Yoga, smoking weed, gossip, backstabbing, walking around Wood-Grove Center like a zombie and creating coalitions to oust people who threaten their insular world views.

Historical sites include The Bastion and a chunk of coal in the downtown area.
God help us all we're in Nanaimo.
by Bauldaire December 28, 2013
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