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Perfection. A person who's named Nadin; not Nadine, is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. She usually has long, flowy hair and an almost perfect complexion. Inside, she is kind and gentle, has an outgoing personality and is very confident. Like a ballerina, she is somewhat very graceful and great in bed.
Boy 1 : I want the perfect girl.

Boy 2 : Dude, you should date a girl named Nadin. Heard they're awesome.
by Teenage.wasteland. March 18, 2011
Revolving around perfection; always trying to be perfect and showing up others with there superior intelligence. 2) A person think that they intelectual surpass every one else.
Billy was so Nadin as he outspokenly stated he was the highest intelectual being around.
by anonymous_01 August 29, 2007
A very big, fat and round shaped egg.
Damn ur egg is very nadin!
by pseudonym23 April 27, 2005