Eating Nachos out of your girl friend's snatch while she is standing on her head.
I ate some cold nacho libres last night.
by BrantB May 10, 2006
Top Definition
A badass (pronounced buh-das) Jack Black movie.
Nacho Libre: Nachooooooooooooooooooooooo!
by theresa June 14, 2006
A New Comedy Movie Coming out starring Jack Black.Looks pretty funny.
I want to go see that movie Nacho Libre.
by Hymen June 13, 2006
a mustache that is undeveloped such as the one in the movie nacho libre.
Kristy, why would you like Jonathan when he has such an ugly nacho libre?
by somebody somewheree July 10, 2008
When you are getting your dick sucked and you cum in her mouth however the semen propels out of her nose to leave a shiny moustache.
That heifer walked out of my house with a Nacho Libre.
by Dirty Russell March 28, 2016
When you finish eating Doritos and use your cheesy fingers to pleasure your woman.
Dude, I totally gave her a Nacho Libre last night.
by Aqua1208 October 22, 2015
When you crumple up Nachos ontop of a girls Vagina and fuck her
Dude, i gave my girlfriend a Nacho Libre

Then she dumped me.
by ip0wnn00bz June 12, 2009
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