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A tablet that lets me access 80% more of my brain than a non-user. $800 a pop. A tablet a day, and I'm limitless.
Carl Van Loon: There is no scenario in which you’d lead this life, where you don’t work for me.
Eddie: No scenario? I see every scenario. I see 50 scenarios. That’s what it does, Carl. It puts me 50 moves ahead of you.

NZT, mother fucker.
by Kibblz And Bitz April 02, 2011
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A highly sought after, expensive and exclusive drug that comes in the form of a clear pill that enhances brain power and human functionality. Acutely adverse side effects have been noted in most users, including death. Some users report that intravenous ingestion delivers effects more rapidly and bolsters their potency and longevity.
Many speculate that the hyper-successful Wall Street trader owed his feats to NZT use.
by fighter05 March 24, 2011
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