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Wanna talk about this concrete? Nigga I'm a scholar
The incredible, hetero - sexual, credible
Beg a hoe, let it go, dick ain't edible
Nigga ain't federal, I plan shit
While you hand picked motherfuckers givin up transcripts
As if I need to make mo' - I got a mansion
And six cars that are paid fo' - suck my dick! {Hello... }
We came a long way from not givin a fuck
Sellin tapes out of a trunk to movin this far up
Now we got the whole world starstruck
You lame assed white boys muthafuckers can shut the hell up. Rock and all tha other bullshit can NEVER match the NWA styles and songs!!!
Yo man theres NWA on the radio.
#nwa #easy-e #ice cube #mc ren #dr. dre #snoop dogg
by NWA-4-LIFE May 03, 2006
Check Yo Self, a fine gangsta rap tune by Ice Cube. Theres beat, rhyming and lyrics. Where the hell do you fine that in Rock and hard core metal. Wouldnt you rather listen to NWA rapping about the ghetto life instead of a hard core rock muthafucka screaming into a microphone. That is bullshit. This is the urban dictionary, since when do you see a homie listening to hard core rock in a pimped car... NEVER. Did Ice Cube ever scream in his life, my god. And all of you rock listeners voting thumbs down, why the fuck is you here? Rap has every thing a song needs. Yo, all you G's i know you will vote thumbs up on this on.
Yo, man did you see that Escalade with the loud gangsta rap song coming out of the speakers?
#west coast rap #formed in the late 80's #nwa was one of the first #lots of swearing #radio stations are afraid to play it.
by NWA-4-LIFE April 28, 2006
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