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Acronym standing for Not That Nice. Can be used to characterize almost anything like a show, girl, etc. Mostly used while IM'ing chatting someone, otherwise, sounds retarded to actually speak.
Example 1:

Evan- "Yo, do you like that new Eminem song?"
Daniel- "Nah man, it's really NTN"

Example 2:
Person 1- "Ok...Sasha?"
Person 2- "Nope, NTN"
by yoyoma67 June 05, 2010
NTN (noise through nose) is a replacement "lol" for all those times you dont actually laugh out loud. Most the time you send someone an "lol" you don't really laugh at all. What do you do? You NTN.
"Tim- Dude last i night i got drunk as fuck and pissed on my grandmothers furniture.
Steve- NTN thats fucked up dude"
by boomgoesthedynamite-_- September 06, 2011
No Thanks Necessary
'I grabbed you a soda as long as I was in the fridge' 'oh cool dude' 'NTN brother, NTN"
by Osminog November 18, 2014
Acronym for "Next to Nothing."
Roger: Hey do you know how to convert movie to MPEG?
Joe: Sorry, I know ntn about video conversion.
by WerriamMebster March 11, 2010
Never trust niggers.
Judge: Yo! Those niggers fucking stole my nintendo wii!
Rob: I told you man! NTN!
by ragx August 24, 2009
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