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The acronym for "Don't Trust Koreans."
The acronym isn't DTK because that looks a lot like Donkey Kong. And "Never Trust Koreans" doesn't sound as good.
Ben: Oh shit, Eun Bin Kim is coming over here...NTK!
Eun Bin: What tha fuck you say, Ben? I'll kick yo ass and your balls!
Ben (running away): NTK!!!
by NTK PiEMAN September 14, 2008
Nice To Know
I like my new shirt
by Unknown to you. June 02, 2014
n.t.k. meaning 'No Te Kreas' in spanish kinda like jk.
ai weii ntk era un joke.
by x.xCindy July 04, 2010
NTK is an abbreviation for “Need To Know.” The term widely used in the intelligence community where you only are informed about the parts of a mission you need to do your job.
I would like to tell you what is going on, but you don’t have the NTK
by Panta Rhei December 23, 2015
Need(s) To Know
I really NTK if you have given me the clap because I NTK why it feels like I am pissing hydrochloric acid.

This is a NTK only basis, bitch!
by SirK_STL December 11, 2008
Nick The Kid
Nick Tasos katounas
by dj444 December 07, 2003
NO TALENT KREW!!!!!!!!!!

The best krew in this place!!!!!!!!!!
Have you heard about that tight azz krew called NTK!!!!!
by gummybear February 18, 2004

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