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Non-Sexual Relationship- essentially when you are just looking for someone to kiss or cuddle with.
ie. Craigslist ad: "Looking for NSR, let's hang out or watch a movie."
by The Bruin Bear May 09, 2007
Non sleeping retardation.
NSR:When u stay up late enough to act and do retarded stuff :D
by pillamiesta July 25, 2011
Indignant and sarcastic way of agreeing with the obvious. It's an indignant form of IKR. "No Shit, right?"
La said she wasn't letting that punk cut in front of her to get to that butthaven, NSR!
by MustafaMustafa68 October 15, 2011
NORTH SIDE RIDERS an austin texas street gang fonded by a young dude that calls him self LOS KINGPIN their color are black and they're friends wit CRIPS, LC's(los cholos) and BROs (also started in austin) dats me LOS KINGPIN im blk thou
sup cuz? naw nigga im a rider
by los kingipn August 27, 2005
A squad of nubcaek DJs who like techno and who have small almonds. Also known as Comprox's Minions.
Whats going on? DJ listbot is on and NSR has no techno!
by IcyLiquid July 20, 2003

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