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"Not safe for 56k." This term is used for something on the web that people on slow connections shouldn't mess with. Typically, this includes large images, video, or streams.
Click Here for 500mb of pron (NSF56K)


Click here to view the entire Star Wars trilogy (NSF56K)
by Jason K December 02, 2003
Not safe for 56K. Similiar to NSFW, NSF56K means that if you are connected to the internet via dialup, don't click on the link. Unless you have a lot of patience.
Click on this link to see the trailer for the new yaya movie (NSF56k).
by sifelaver December 02, 2003
Web sites with large pictures often display NSF56K meaning "Not Safe/Suitable for 56K". Contrast with NSFW, "Not Safe/Suitable for work", used to mark questionable content should your boss be shoulder surfing.
Those jpgs of Veronica Zemanova are 800K each! Definitely NSF56K
by poindexter December 02, 2003
Acronym: "Not safe for 56k"

A label on a link that will load a heinously huge web page or file. Said page/file will finish loading around the apocalypse on a 56k dial-up connection.
<u>Paris Hilton Video NSF56K</U>
by John Rand December 02, 2003
Abreviation for: Not Safe For 56K (modems)
I just snagged the full dvd quality original Star Wars Trilogy. Totally NSF56K
by Warpdragon December 04, 2003
Not Safe For 56K: containing more data than is sane to download via 56k modem. From "NSFW", relating to items that should only be looked at in a work environment, especially if the office is open-plan.
Pages containing many high res pictures are often NSF56K.
by Syn December 03, 2003
a notation, usually in a forum thread title, warning users of 56k phoneline modems of large pictures or other such files, which result in slow loading times
by pocky December 01, 2003
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