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To look over the shoulder(s) of a person with whom you are currently engaged in conversation to see if you can find someone 'better' to talk to.

Connotes a lack of interest in the current interlocutor and/or in what they are currently saying, and displays a desire to, if possible, upgrade to 'someone better' (e.g. of higher social status, better looks, etc.).
While engaged in a conversation with a person at a party, you could be accused of (or at least suspected to be) "shoulder surfing" if you look over his/her shoulder(s) to check out who else is in attendance.
by p.s. February 03, 2006
Looking over someone's shoulder when they are working or at a terminal with the intention of snooping, stealing information, or just annoying.
I think granny was shoulder surfing me when I entered my PIN into the ATM.
by team_homeslice July 05, 2005
Chat-chat, talking without intent; meanwhile eye-cruising.
Whatever girl, she could be talking to George, but she would be looking at Jim, and the whole time she was thinking about Steve. Y'know, shoulder surfing.
by escuchon May 14, 2008
the act of standing behind a sitting person in order to look at the contents of their computer or cell phone.

considered extremely rude and annoying by most of society

usually committed by parents or other nosy people
"Sorry for not responding to that text message for so long, my dad was trying to shoulder surf me"

Person 1: -is texting friend about a party at his house friday night-
Person 2: -looks over shoulder of person 1- "Hey man, can i come to your party"
by piebeyummy March 22, 2011
The act of eating a chick out while she is on your shoulders.
Shoulder Surfing........ 'Nuff said
by abnormallylargedick February 01, 2013
checking out better online chatting prospects. you may be engaged in a chat with someone, but keeping a look-out for a more interesting chat partner.
Jack was constantly shoulder surfing for Tracy, while he chatted with Jill.
by Shandell April 15, 2008
shoulder surfing is when someone looks over your sholder at an ATM to steal your PIN
He was sholder surfing when the copper spotted what he was up to and whacked him!
by Ads November 22, 2004
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