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A pejorative acronym, usually ageist, referring to those who are 'not sound'.

If the term is used in an ageist manner, any inquisitive NS can be told that this acronym refers to 'new season'. This allows for flagrant usage of the term among 'OS' (which designates the opposite. This acronym can refer to 'Old Season', 'Old School' or 'Only Sound').
This party is full of NS.

Byrnsie seems to go in and out of being an NS.
by philopia August 02, 2009
Seen in personal ads to mean non smoker. Can be coupled with others such as NS/ND non smoker/ no drugs.
Me, 50 years old NS/ND, or looking for chill type NS/ND.
by Pappion May 16, 2007
Nigga Shit! When something is very nigga like!
Damn that fry chicken was some real NS, I'm gonna need me some mo of that shit!
by blackaneseboy December 18, 2011
No Spicy; lacking flavor or pizazz
Sarah - Hey Tom, how was your day?

Tom - It was NS
by Kbabyyy(; April 08, 2011
"That's not a moon! That's a..."
"NS, Admiral."
by microchip08 December 28, 2009
"Nasal Sex" (verb): having sexual intercourse with a woman, though not through the vagina, but, rather, penetration into the nose. Can be used when describing relations with a friend's mother.
"Yo, what happend to you last night?"
"Dude, I was having N.S. with Vee until about 3am"
Formally called "Noob Syndrome," this disease occurs in a person who acts like an idiot online. The disease is usually active in 10 or 11 year olds who are in teen chat rooms.
(Online teen hangout, such as Habbo Hotel)

Noob: HAY BABY WANNA CYBER?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?
Bob (whispers to Bill): Damn that kid has a severe case of NS.
Bill: I know right?
by Simply Stefani; December 27, 2008