acronym for no shit
Joe - He's an idiot.
You - NS, I've known forever.
by hizzo May 31, 2003
No Shoes(a girl)
When a dumb broad leaves her shoes laying around at a party that she is not wanted at. They are then stolen and pushed into a snowmound. Therefore No Shoes
Have you seen NS lately?

by Alalliicsoian January 29, 2009
Nothing Special, used when you don't want to say alot to describe how you feel at the moment.
Dude1: Hey man how are you doing?
Dude2: ns, u?
by TommyFireWire March 19, 2006
nS stands for New School. 'Tis an abbreviation for New School.

The lowercase-then-uppercase type is a way of making it look cooler. "nS" originated from Nitto 1320 Challenge, where taking after the team OldSchoolRacing, NewSchoolRacing was created, for the reason in that most racers on the game were not the ones that played around the time of OSR or OldSchoolRacing, therefore NewSchool. nS is painted on the cars, and looks very attractive.
50 Cent is nS.
50 Cent is New School.

I just got on to NewSchoolRacing, and threw the nS up on my Viper.
by protectmeaura December 11, 2006
In the army, means "Non serviceable"
These recruits are completely NS (as for not the sharpest tools in the shed)
Your JEEP is NS
by Nermal June 06, 2005
Acronym for Nation State or Nation States, an online political simulation game.
My NS just became a Father Knows Best State.
by Paul November 23, 2004
Nova Scotia, Canada
A province in Canada dumbass.
by Chesley June 22, 2005

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