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NIGGAS RUNNIN WILD! A term widely used when a celebration of African-American individuals transitions into complete chaos. Obnoxious screaming, inflamed automobiles, and loud music are all acts associated with NRW
1)god dammit, i cant sleep fuckin NRW outside

2) guy suffering from amnesia: i don't what happened exactly. i just ended up with bumps and bruises.

doctor: what was the last thing you remember?

guy suffering from amnesia: NRW

doctor: NRW?

guy suffering from amnesia: NIGGAS RUNNIN WILD!

3) This party is hella crackin b/c NRW!

4) This party is hella annoying b/c NRW
by rastaysballin September 21, 2009
NRW (No Reason Wood)
Getting a boner for no apparant reason whatsoever
I was just sitting in Algebra class and I was sporting some NRW.
by CDomer October 23, 2005
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