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The intense lifestyle one leads after purchasing a Snuggie. The SNUG LIFE is compromised of administrating urban neighborhoods while being in the complete comfort and warm sensation of a Snuggie. No longer will your hands be cold when: 1) reaching for your gat 2) bitches gettin' blapped 3) hoes gettin' slapped.
DP and Killah KLimon don't give a fuck their front wheels got stolen, 'cause they be runnin' that SNUG LIFE
#bbbd #nrw #cclt #crenshen killed #penguin sauce
by rastaysballin November 13, 2009
BITCHES BETTER BE DRUNK! A term that arises when there is an intense anticipation of celebration which consumes ones soul. There are normally only two options after this term is said. The first being that bitches better actually be drunk, and if not, the one who originally stated the term, will leave. It was coined by Araza circa. 2009
DP: dudee im fuckin amped!
Adam: if you gotta blue hat wit adam and j-creez in the baack u must be a biitch
DP: boutt ta get wiiicked
Araza: BITCHES BETTER BE DRUNK!..or im fuckin leaving. BBBD son!
#nrw #penguins #berkeley #soto #woo
by rastaysballin September 24, 2009
Chhun Chhay Likes This. A statement used to display one's approval in regards to a 1) proposed idea 2) current situation 3) previous statement. This reference pays homage to and is named after the notorious legend, Chhun Chhay, himself. To this day, the whereabouts of Chhun Chhay are unknown.
Crenshen: CCLT

Frankners: How are you doing in Professor Saechao's M. Dewology 490 and Buttsexology 342 classes?
DevMo: I'm mollyturfin' those classes! I also gotta A in DILFology 334. Imma go get my dick sucked ina igloo.
Frankners: Thats Wsup. CCLT

Frankners: Hey Gramps, you gonna get it in with Gramms? Huh? Cover her with sansone sauce, maybe some deb dip on the side
Gramps: CCLT

Scholar: Thy time has come for thou to engage in buttsex.
Random Bop: CCLT

Frankners, DevMo, OdomAriza, XPO289, Crenshen & Scholar chanting together simultaneously: Haag the Hero has no fear-o he's nothing like Ashqueerdo the mothafuckin' weirdo.
Haag the Hero: CCLT
#califoolya #hi #nrw #gudwitit #bbbd
by rastaysballin October 11, 2009
NIGGAS RUNNIN WILD! A term widely used when a celebration of African-American individuals transitions into complete chaos. Obnoxious screaming, inflamed automobiles, and loud music are all acts associated with NRW
1)god dammit, i cant sleep fuckin NRW outside

2) guy suffering from amnesia: i don't what happened exactly. i just ended up with bumps and bruises.

doctor: what was the last thing you remember?

guy suffering from amnesia: NRW

doctor: NRW?

guy suffering from amnesia: NIGGAS RUNNIN WILD!

3) This party is hella crackin b/c NRW!

4) This party is hella annoying b/c NRW
#n #r #w #penguin #parkour
by rastaysballin September 21, 2009
When a conversation is killed due to an interruption by a Crenshen. A Crenshen Kill always occurs when you least expect it, (ie: when conversing with a lovely young lady), and afterwards whomever you were speaking with will stop replying, regardless if the conversation was going well or not. So far, roughly 41,000 Crenshen Kills have been reported, all of which occurred online or in real-life situations. There is one time, and only ONE time where a Crenshen Kill is necessary, and that is when one is already being Gallegoed. As of date, these two phenomenons have never occurred simultaneously, though, the ancient Mayan civilization did predict a happening of sort in the year 2069.
FP: Would you like some mango tango?
Lovely Lady: I would love some mango tango, and I'd also love to mango tango the night away with you.
FP: I'll mango tango all night
Lovely Lady: I want to be covered in it
Crenshen: i like mangos
Lovely Lady: (takes bag off monitor, places it over her head, and sufficates herself)

*This conversation has been certified Crenshen Killed*

DP: So how about Saturday night at buttsex o'clock?
Lovely Lady #2: Buttsex o'clock sounds perfect for me. I can't wait.
DP: Bring my green hat?
Lovely Lady #2: Yesss!! Bring your green hat!
Crenshen: can i come?
Lovely Lady #2: (fills pillow case with doorknobs, and beats herself to death)

*This conversation has been certified Crenshen Killed*
#bbbd #waffle #nrw #nope #cclt
by rastaysballin October 24, 2009
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